My Version of a Romantic Moment

Now that Valentine’s day is nearing, it is the time to fantasize the way we want our dates to be. I will never be interested in guys, but a girl’s gotta have fun, right? So, here we go.

. Scented candles wafted in the twilight night. It is night in August, and the stars sparkling like a thousand diamonds. Date puts his arm around my shoulder in the warm night air. We are sitting on an old red linsey-woolsey blanket in the middle of a grassy field in the middle of nowhere. Our packs of food and water are aside, pinning the blanket down from the breeze.

We are pointing and tracing the constellations. Fireflies are flying, and crickets singing. The scented candles we put on the grass lets out an aroma of oranges. In the distance is a lone serenading violin, playing its wistful tune. We sing old songs and laugh hard. We talk of wishes of the futures we are pursuing together. This goes on for hours.

Then, the sunrise breaks out, coloring the sky orangey-pink. The candles are long gone, and so are the fireflies and crickets. Our blankets are wet with dew, but Date, the packs and the violin music is still there. We stare into the sunrise and each other wistfully. Sigh.

There. The romantic scene of my imagination. You may have more ideas. Go ahead, for Valentine’s day is near. Use that time to fantasize, just for a while.