Reflection on February posts

Ahhh. I never thought February will ever be over. Okay, 28 days may not be so long, but they were days of snow, snow, and snow dominating. I hope things clear up on the sidewalks. Winter is very long, and up here, you didn’t expect major changes until April.

Okay, to my posts. My posts multiplied through this month, and I hope to do more. I should write more about the current events stuff!!! Sometimes, I cannot believe that my first March post if about a dress. But still, I could do better. March is Women’s History month, so I expect a lot of participation. Definitely me too, because I am a feminist.

Since no body gave me a blog post rubric, I cannot say whether I deteriorated, nor if I improved on this. I think this is going to be a happy month. March here I come!