The Controversy of Color of the Dress

In Facebook, a rumor snakes through the country like wildfire. A post of a dress: Sounds normal, right? Wrong. The color of the dress 👗 sparked controversy all around the country. The debate goes on as people argue “Blue and Black” and “White and Gold”! In my perspective, I find this very funny.

I saw the dress online and I saw what my eyes said:”White and Gold”. However, my sister and my mom see black and blue. Okay, I am not saying that they are color blind, so don’t get insecure. It was so interesting how people debate over anything: Even dress color! Every time I think about it, I start ROFL-ing. It’s that hilarious.

I am interested how the news industry makes even the most mundane news exciting. Of course, the recent rumor of Emma Watson hanging with Prince Harry was priceless( rumor proved untrue). But that dress is an example of how insanely great NYC is. So, if you have comments, do not be afraid to express them.

On the internet, celebs like Taylor Swift(who thinks it’s a trick and blue and black) are warring in social sites ad articles are scattering all over the news about the color sight crap. Kim Kardashian sees white and gold, but her boyfriend Kanye sees blue and black(hey, maybe him and Swift could agree on something after all). This dress alone is imploding the Internet. This debate of the dress is becoming World War 3 as the dress cuts people apart. Watch out, folks, it is about to get dirty.


One thought on “The Controversy of Color of the Dress

  1. Whoa, now coffeecara. Now that is interesting. I sooo want to put this in a book, so the controversy will be remembered forever.😃😊😅😆


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