Still more snow

It is only March 5, and when I thought things would clear up, they didn’t. It snowed, and I was already tired of all this snow. I walked through a blizzard with freezing hands and soaked boots. When it recently rained, I rejoiced and thought spring would be here soon, but unfortunately, the rain came as to tell us that another precipitation is coming, not sunshine. Sneaky, sneaky. In the month of Spring, Winter still beholds a gelid fist of NY. Ironic.

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Massacre(the one on 1770, not the marathon one.) but I don’t think anyone noticed. Oh well, maybe there they had snow problems too. The Brit soldiers weren’t the warmest people, and besides, the massacre began as some raucous snowball fight. A snowball fight gone wrong.

All I have to do, as I said before in my Spring Wishes post, to brave out this snow, and wish for spring. 🎂 ❄ 🌠🐞🌺