Personality. All 16 of ’em.

Okay, I am an online addict, I admit. I am only partly ashamed, however. But it is still a shame.

Now, I have been going online and stumbled upon the Myers-Briggs personality test. It is a very accurate study of anthropology and certain human behaviors. They are divvied up into sixteen categories based on their decision-making processes.

I or E: Extrovert or Introvert. This part shows how the energy flows in one person in conditioning to certain situations. Extroverts(E) are often the people who are energized by interaction with people: they are outgoing, charming, and popular. On the flip side, Introverts(I), are more tuned with spending time alone: they are quiet, reserved, and focused on one’s thoughts.

N or S: iNtuitive or Sensing. This part may be how one focuses on certain topics. iNtuitives(N) are people who are idealists: they embrace abstract concepts and often ponder about future possibilities. But do not think that those are the “introverts”. Extroverts can be them, too. Sensing, are people who are more focused on concrete objects and think more upon the “now” situations. Again, not chained entirely to the Extroverts or Introverts; it’s just so.

F or T: Feeling or Thinking: Okay, this one is pretty common. You may think that “Feeling is for artists and drama queens/kings; and thinking is for brainy nerds.” That is, in a way, true. Also, in a way, untrue. Feeling(F) based people are people who take other’s needs seriously, and are often making decisions supported by their personal values and gut feeling. The Thinking(T) based people are people who are more inclined to logic, and are often impartial to other people when considering them into the decision. Now, Ts are not necessarily bad people, they just are not tuned into sensing emotions. Fs are not doormats, for, although this part encourages emotional reaction, other categories may check-and-balance it; same goes for Ts.

J or P: Judging or Perceiving: To strangers, this could mean “Js are stuck-up and full of bigotry, while Ps are weird slackers.” Again, that statement is partially true. Judging(J) types are the kinds of people who know. What. They. Want. They are perfectionists and immediate in decision making because, let me repeat this, they know what they want. They are big on structure, planning, and order, which is good. Perceiving(P) types are the kinds of people who are more interested in making their own ways instead of fitting in, and they stall their decision making unless more options show up. They kinda invented the term “No fuss, no muss”. Now Js are not power-hungry, dystopian maniacs, but are people who like to see things function the way that is conventional and… fits. And Ps are not lazy hippies; they are people who are revolutionary and aware of the future. Hmmm…. Doesn’t this sound like the Ns vs. Ss? Not really.

The sixteen types are arranged by these four categories and are(drumroll, please): ENFP, ENTP, ENTJ, ESTJ, ESFJ, ESFP, ESTP, ENFJ, ISTJ, ISFJ, ISTP, ISFP, INTP, INFP, INTJ, and INFJ. Now, I want you guys to know that not one type is better than the other. They are equal in ability and are each important in their assortment of each of the four categories.

The type of a person can be defined by taking the Myers-Briggs personality test. It is very accurate, unless you are lying in some of the answers. Be honest, guys, because remember, not one type is better that the others. If you are expecting me to give you a test right here, sorry. But there are several sites online that could give you just that, like, and They are really good. And, about the test, there is a lot of questions, and on these online sites, they not only give you the results but give you the personality of the resulted type, so you can see if you can see you in the result. If not, suck it up, and retake the test. It’s no big deal.

I look forward to any comments, suggestions and anythings about the test. Good luck!