Water For All

It is 12 o’ clock in the noon. The sun is up high in the zenith, and it is a dog day in smack of the middle of July. Naturally, you sweat. Naturally, you take a water bottle out of your pack, and take a momentary swig before continuing to play.

At least that is how afternoons are in the US and in many developed Western countries. Many countries aren’t so lucky as to have water at hand so easily. More than a billion people across the planet do not have access to fresh, drinkable water. Thousands are forced to do with the unsafe filthy water in ponds, rivers, and streams. These freshwater sources are often reeking with sewage, nasty chemicals, and plant and animal matter(think: crap).

Many organizations stretching across the globe work hard to ensure pure drinking water for the many countries that cannot afford it. Some dig wells, while others make sure that the water that the people are using are clean for everyday use. Water is a right for everyone.

Think about what you need water for: bathroom purposes(bathing, brushing your teeth, etc.), gardening, our health(our bodies are mostly water after all.), and several recreation activities (swimming in the pool). Okay, the last one probably wasn’t necessary(maybe, it’s summer, isn’t it?), but without water… there would be no life on Earth.

So help the world by donating to the charities that support giving water to the world. Water is for all.

Thanks so much!,