This is my first attempt to a basic pictorial blog post, so I shall start by talking about Impressionist artists. Impressionism is an artistic movement against the rules of European art in the nineteenth century. The rules say that the picture has to be polished, and with no trace of brushstrokes. It has to look like this:

Renaissance style painting

Painters have to be painting this like as if they are perfect. No mistake, or evidence that the picture is made from mortal hands.

But Impressionists, as they are called, like Monet, Mary Cassatt, Van Gogh, painted things like these.

original.jpg van gogh night sky

Compare to the Renaissance painting above. Do you see how you can see the brushstrokes in the Impressionist paintings, especially the third one by Van Gogh? People disliked the Impressionist paintings because they thought they were unpolished, or simply bad art. The word Impressionist is supposed to be insulting!

This movement led to others in surrealism, and modern art. How do you think Monet would have reacted to Frida Kahlo’s paintings? Or Andy Warhol’s soup cans?

Impressionism is an important art movement that affects us all today. You may see Monet’s fine work in France. Van Gogh’s and Cassatt’s work are beheld in museums all around the world. They’ve left deep impressions in history.