Inspiration- Screenplay Part 2

INT. STARBUCKS CAFE [EMILY and JAKE are sitting on a table in Starbucks with their caramel lattes, laughing over a joke that JAKE is telling her.]

JAKE: So, how many fantasy writers does it take to screw in a light-bulb?

EMILY(smiling): One?

JAKE: Nope, Emmy, it takes five. One to slay the dragon, another to rescue the princess, one to be the princess, and one to lead an entire army to keep the evil army out of the room where the last one is changing the light-bulb.

EMILY(laughing): That’s a lot of work. Heck, I wonder what would happen if the an author happens to be inside the novel he is writing.

JAKE (stroking EMILY’s hair) : Or… the novel she is writing…

EMILY: Oh, right, I almost forgot– So… you know how I have this story about a lady named Diana Halcyon, and how she became an amnesiac after a terrible car crash in a blizzard? (JAKE nods), Well…


[Diana lies sick in her bed staring out of the window while her her fiance Dennis, sits beside her with a vintage photo album looking through pictures of her childhood.]

EMILY(voice-over): So now, Dennis visiting Diana, and that, he has gotten Diana’s old photo album of her growing up in the Midwest, and is reviewing to her pictures of Diana’s childhood while wondering if anything is coming back…

[Dennis leans over and kisses Diana’s lips and whispers “I love you.”. He holds Diana’s hand and carefully rubs the silver band of Diana’s engagement ring.]

JAKE(voice-over): Is anything coming back?

EMILY(voice-over): No, not really, just imperceptible flashes. She wishes to go around so she can understand, you know, but since the crash broke both her legs, and she prefers not to be in a wheelchair, that’s not happening anytime soon… [flashes out of the scene]

JAKE: So basically, you’re gonna go and try to bring back Diana’s memories…

EMILY(stirring her coffee): Yeah, that’s what I thought.

JAKE: Piece of advice: Don’t make it easy for them. God knows why, but people like it better when there’s more conflict.

EMILY(nodding in understanding): Yeah, I know that, it really provokes people interest when there’s more conflict, or the conflict gets more severe…

Jake: Just don’t overdo it. You don’t wanna turn the audience off.

[EMILY smiles, and JAKE leans in to try and kiss her, but EMILY gets up from her seat.]

EMILY: ‘kay, gotta go bang on my typewriter now. Thanks, Jake. [walks out of the cafe]

JAKE(sighs): I wonder if she has a clue…

[Door opens, and DYLAN walks in. Spotting JAKE, he nods in acknowledgement, and orders a venti-sized mocha.]

DYLAN: So… you yet failed again to show her pretty ass your feelin’s. What’s up wit that now? You’ve been crushing on her since high school, college, now you got her in your arms, but you two never kissed?

JAKE(surprised): Of course we have, Dill, what did you think?

DYLAN: You two kiss like brother and sister, and the girl never really even gives a darn sign o’ liking you. Put in some heat, will ya?

JAKE(defensively): Says the man who dumped her in junior year of high school.

DYLAN: Hey, she’s great. We’ve gotten over it, but at least when we were together she managed to be downright charmed dizzy. While you– you’re as romantic as a wooden puppet. No action, no’in. You just actin’ like you’re her little mister secretary. No gesture unless she needs you. Do a little extra y’ know?

JAKE: I didn’t want to appear like, I don’t know, stupid or even uncaring as to trespass. I care about her, but she’s independent. She has no plans of settling down, and I respect that.

DYLAN: Lie-yer. You really care about her, but you really don’t wanna turn her off by suggesting out of the friends zone. Dude, you’re so scared, you’ll jump at your own shadow!!

JAKE(flushes at embarrassment): I am not!! [gets up and leaves the cafe]

[JAKE walks down the sidewalk and sees EMILY at the corner, waiting to cross the street. Taking a breath, he walks over and taps her on the shoulder.]

EMILY(surprised): Jake?

[JAKE places his arm around her waist and kisses her. Pulling away, he grins, and traces EMILY’s cheek]

EMILY(dizzy): Jake…

JAKE(whispering): Watch out for blizzards, okay?

[EMILY stares as JAKE walks away. She grins, and crosses the street to go to her apartment.]

[End of Part 2]