Tomorrow’s Another day, Another year

Hello, my adoring, curious fans

From all across the various lands

Who find themselves with studious eyes

To these quotes of a humble truths, or lies?

And if you’re searching for a romantic break in reality,

Or reaching for frantic rake of words so true in egalité,

Sit right down on ye olde Apple device, and to your heart’s content

Enjoy yourself to this message. My advice? Read what I sent!!

Ahem. If you survived this little poem, look here in Google: Once you’re done, please tell me on this “Comments” section, if you’ve felt emotional. I could honestly say, (breaking into a waterfall of tears) that 2015 is the year that really happened. it was the year of great happening. it was the year of awesomeness. I am solemnly, honestly going to miss this year. this fruitful year of many events.

2015 is the year that brought new hopes into our hearts…


…. and made us nostalgic of the past.

The many events that are once in a lifetime that are just amazing…


… and tested the quality of human nature.


2015 has shown us a year of triumphant victories…


… and pulled us through the terrible losses.


The events that came in many colors…


…came in 2015 for all of us to cherish forever.