Happy Blog-iverssary!!!

Sorry this came a bit too late. January was a rocky month, what with the spelling bee and all, but happy blog-iverssary Coffeecara!!! Woohooo!!!! January 27, 2015 up to now, which is, in total, 369 days. Whaaaaaat????? That’s a wacko number. That is to say, wordpress.com already said its congrats but I personally say congrats and happy blog-iverssary!!!

Now, January 27 last year was a year beginning and I remember clearly the excitement of me a year ago to start this blog, and oh, it was like this exciting secret I kept this blog of mine.When you started I was bursting, I imagined thousands of followers, but alas that wasn’t to be. However, we had so much fun this year, even when we didn’t have a lot of time together. And this is perhaps my first blog post on how I was doing so far in many months. Ikr!!

And now, as we wish ourselves “Many Happy Returns”(now I remember what they say on birthdays) we wish for more happy memories together. 😀