Picture presentation of the eighth grade


Okay, so, we are here to show a middle school IPW (Integrated Project Week) presentation on senior year.

What’s that?? That!!
It is ShowTime…

I took the liberty of taking a few pics of the occasion, since no one is gonna stop me. Just me, phone, class, etc..

It is supposed to be a guideline on surviving the eighth grade (Which requires more oomph than we imagined.). It was a hit with the Powerpoints, videos, and boards (Alright, the boards were, in comparison to the rest, an epic fail, but bear with me.) A bunch of people came mainly for the student-made movie (YouTube worthy not Oscar worthy), but we were all adored.

This presentation is the fruit of many students who (maybe) dislike each other very much as they went through the year in their own individual circles and cliques. In our often-oversized groups, we managed to get much done as we each contributed something to better the project and thereforeĀ present a work well-done.

Written at June 1st, 2016.

Final touches, Michelle. Perfection is everything

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