My 500-words Challenge

I have done it. I went and linked up and had myself sign up to the 31-day 500-word challenge. The name of the game is to commit to write 500 words a day for 31 days, aka a month. I must write consecutively every single day for 31 days. I know, sounds like a challenge. Especially to a habitual procrastinator like me. But I will accept this challenge. The thing is I have trouble committing myself to write. And so I signed up as to feel a sense of accomplishment in myself.

Commitment is not easy. As I read the email that welcomed me to the challenge, I admit, I felt rather scared, but excited of this new feeling: I now have a goal. I now have a goal. I have a goal now. I have now–

Okay, stomach jitters, you can go away now. So, now I will have to use a whole lot of things to keep my challenge to be done. Such as Post-Its.

 And write.

Or phone reminders:

 And write.

Or, well, you know, someone with a good sense of scheduling:


Alright, alright. Enough pictures. In short, I committed to the 500-words a day challenge. And no one was going to stop me.



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