A Note To Readers

Dear Readers,

It has been a long time since I have written to you. Months have passed by and the traffic is as silent as ever.  It’s okay; I don’t really expect anyone to come and read this. No, I wasn’t always like this– I long ago had expected audiences, and crowds of people commenting on my words.

It was easy in the beginning. There were some (more like one or two) who noticed the work here,  but attention has been fleeting; the blog’s glory days have passed away last year, looking through what I have written. Written since the dawn of 2015.

Perhaps because my participation in the blogging business has slowed and attempts to revive any interest in blogging have been unsuccessful.  There haven’t been any goads put behind me, there haven’t been any forces within my life to inspire me beyond belief to record what I write here. Whatever glamour and shine of blogging had faded as writer’s block infected my words. It seems as though I simply write what flashes through my mind, whatever flotsam and jetsam happen to be there to write about.

There was no particular topic I had resided on. I wrote on Literature, modern events, and even wandered on a bit on the landmine-filled world of politics– keeping my words perky in hopes of attention.

They sit, like a person for a bus with the breezes adjusting their white collars and the sun burning down their backs. No one comes, and my work remains in the fringes of the world, within the cold silent darkness of oblivion.

There are things I would like to tell you, things I haven’t said. Things that I have thought, but never had the chance to say. You could  say that my interlocutors do not come here. They have no reason to.

I have hesitated to delete this blog, to push this work of wonder and happiness that I have slaved away on for so many years off the edge. I didn’t want to destroy what I have created. I just simply could not do this. I cannot without descending into a pool of tears. There were memories with those words I have written down. Memories that are happy. The Mother’s Day post from oh-so-long-ago still brings a smile on my face. Oh, how I wanted to sell my words. How I wished to sell what I have created out of hopes for fame and all that come with it– that was how young I was.  I am still rather young; I’ve scarce aged, but it feels different to be this age than two years ago.

Since I cannot delete this work, I am going to let it sit here. Hopefully I can come back to you again with some of my more candid thoughts, a running discussion on things I happen to be thinking about. I had intended when I had logged in today to retire this blog, but reading what I had put up here, and feeling a strange sort of spark again, I–

I simply cannot abandon this course. Perhaps you don’t want to read my work anymore; I can accept that. But i assure you, you will be missing out on a side of me that I never will show to anyone else, fellow blogger.  I only want to be truthful. To express what I have to hide from the outside. I will begin talking soon enough, and I will do it here.

My words are to be candid with you, reader. Have anything to discuss that I have started, please feel free to say so in the comments, and I shall come back to you tomorrow with my thoughts. I shall no longer worry what to write about, knowing this is a message to you, whoever you may be, topics simply won’t matter. Just conversation. I could go on forever, I feel like you are there, talking with me right know, and seeing my words and chewing and digesting what I have put down. it’s a wonderful feeling; being heard.

I guess I ought to stop. Neither of us have all day for what I have to say; I am literally brimming with what to say here. And the pleasure of hearing a reaction. But neither of us have all day, so I suppose I ought to stop here.

From, Coffeecara, who invites you to a world of thought unlike anything else. (tips hat) You’re Welcome…


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  1. You cannot delete this website. I forbid it. Your glory days are coming, coffeecara! You are not done yet. You owe us a blog post more. At least you owe me, but you need to continue!


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