Snow ā›„, And All The Other Seasons

Recently, has the streets clogged with snow. I managed to take a pic at the snow fun. Hey, who can resist the snow, when there are piles of it outside? ā„šŸ˜šŸ˜‹ ;)šŸŽŠšŸ’Ž

Snowball fights, snow angels, snow sculptures, and freezing was a part of the play. After 20 minutes, my hands and feet ached from the cold. I went in and doused them in hot water. Still, I recommend letting loose every once in a while, even in the cold. I hope that fun would multiply in the spring!šŸŽ‰ šŸŽˆ šŸ˜Š šŸ˜

In the spring, there are flowers, warmth, and rain. Dibs on the puddles!! Besides, it seems to be a time where everything starts to warm up, and everything starts to relax, and at the same time wake up because everything is nicer, the sun is less lazy, the plants are poking through the soil, and there is all that goddamn mess from the winter!!! Time to get a new alarm clock. The one that doesn’t play “Jingle Bells” when I wake up. Springtime: time to make things gorgeous again and wake up sooner.

In the summer, students are rejoicing that there is no school. Fishing, swimming, ice cream, sunburns, suntans, music, fireworks, new house new school, new shit to do during the summer. Throw on your bathing suit kids, this season is going to get steamy. Now, things are far from relaxing. It is party time!!!!

In the autumn, we find ourselves dragging our heavy bodies up the school steps, but others literally race each other up the stairs. Hey, school is fun. More people= more friends. Think about the fun you’ll have with them. Sure you have to trek it out with the cafeteria food, the homework(just when you thought you and HW are never ever getting back together. Like, ever), and the teachers. But at least there’s a good side of this. There are leaf piles to smother your face in, and of course, where is your Halloween mask? Even better, I think the football game is ready tonight, so dig in to that turkey before it runs off the plate!

And then, it is winter back again. The season of frostbite, the snowmen, Santa Claus, menorah, etc.. And then, there are those evenings with the harsh blizzards and you are sipping cocoa in front of a blazing fireplace. Now come on, I have to make a snow fort so I can pummel my friends’ face with the snow. Ready, aim, FIRE!!!!

Updated on Dec. 31, 2015: Looking back… It all comes back. The frosty winter when my fingers frequently wrote to this blog, this outlet intended to bring me attention, this excitement of the January days. I remember wishing the seasons to pass by, perhaps forgetting to relish them at points. It is sad when one’s gift to dream on clouds one’s moments of now. No wonder this blog wasn’t so eventful. But regret only clouds opportunity so why look back on them? I’ll keep this page, this one is WONDER.


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