Stressing out

February is the last month of winter, and the shortest one. This I write as my sneaker plunges into another icy puddle on the sidewalk. If the weather isn’t the worst thing, keeping up schoolwork stays constantly active, even on vacations. I begin wishing for the laxness of summer, or at least the warmth of spring. I just have to get over this one, then I can have all the sunshine I want. Ugh. Curse these icy puddles.

The winter proves to be a frosty one, and schoolwork is a hard obstacle to get through. In my head, I repeat my plans: BARD, then college, then a career (whatever it may be), getting rich, and a house. All I have to do is hope. And work hard. Because the results will come in ways that I may not understand. All I have to do is to toe the line, and let fate play its game so i can decide what to do next. But still. Why does EVERYTHING have to be so hard???!!!!

Updated by me on Dec. 31, 2015: Hello, how are you, my former self ten months back. I’m ten months older, ten months smarter, ten months ready more. Stresses of this past year have been met, but in the passing of time, these issues were overcome. My February self is still rather present. My goals, perhaps slightly altered, but still to be achieved in the next year. My wishes have perhaps gone with the wind, but my dreams–unchanging. Stresses still plague me, but lesser now.

And as to depart: Godspeed, May the Force be with you, So long, L’chaim, and my personal fave: Adieu.



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