Corruption in the land of fame

You know that one time where you look at the movies and you’d KILL to be where they are? With the gorgeous actors on the screen who recite lines in exchange for luxury? Sure riches and fame is a temptation coveted by all, but what if you knew what dirty secrets lay beneath the surface. No, not the latest scandalous “just like us!” something the celebrities did. I’m talking Coogan Act and Jake Lloyd’s nasty experience with Hollywood.

Celebrities may be rich and every one knows their names, but they are nothing more than victims to the system. The acting mill has to have some flaws to produce fails like Amanda Bynes(Easy A) and Shia LeBoeuf(Holes). How do you think they got in the wrong direction in the first place?

Thing is, that the industry doesn’t scream “kid-friendly” with the entire world developing unhealthy fetishes about little kids and kids turning to drugs so they could stem the stress that accompanies the job. And then these kids growing up to be legally incompetent. Such tales are old stories, but don’t you think Hollywood and the government should’ve done something by now?

Like, take the casting couch. That filthy thing blackens the industry’s name, but that crime still stinks in Hollywood. Pretty much any actress and actor who was anyone had to go through lascivious directors at least once. And do you think they liked being Tinseltown s–ts? No way.

I am not saying the acting career is bad; just the nauseating stuff that surrounds the career. These people work hard to bring out an experience you will remember, they should have some respect.


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